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Golden Child Sugar Scrub
Golden Child Sugar Scrub

Golden Child Sugar Scrub

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Lemon and turmeric sugar scrub. This scrub helps brighten, fades dark spots, and gives skin a natural glow. This scrub was made to promote better skin stop ingrown hairs, and skin problems . Please be careful as turmeric stains clothes.

Apply to damp skin or area that’s needed. Use only at least twice a week. 
Do not use on face or body if you have sensitive skin. Use the Turmeric Face Mask instead with a gentle scrubber.


Ingredients: organic Turmeric, turmeric oil, vetiver oil, lemon oil, lemon juice, sorbic acid, baking soda, organic coconut sugar, lemon peels, organic sugar cane, avocado oil olive oil, aloe vera oil.